5 Tasks to Please Your Mistress pt 2

As a concept, it is really quite simple: Your only duty as my sub is to please me. In practice, of course, that means hard work, self-discipline, and learning. That is what slave training is for, and it is a rewarding process for all involved. Last year, I provided seven tasks you can complete to make me happy. Below, I am sharing five more to help guide your service. Study them and abide by them, and over time, you will become a better and more desirable servant for me.

  1. Focus on Me: Before you make any decision, I want you to ask, “Does this help me improve my service to my Mistress?” I like slaves that are healthy—mentally, physically, and financially—so that means taking care of yourself. It also means learning to love sacrificing for me. Skip a night out with the boys and call me. Cancel a streaming subscription and join my OnlyFans. Instead of buying something you do not need, acquire a collection of my clips, purchase nylons, latex, or lingerie from my wish list, or simply send me a selfless tribute.
  2. Stay Chaste for Me: Speakingof sacrifice, giving up your orgasms is one of the best ways to become more humble and weak for me. A chaste boy is a good boy, I always say. It also just turns me on to know that, while I am cumming as much as I want, you are suffering and dripping. A cock cage is a great way to keep yourself honest, and I love holding keys.
  3. Be My Tool: Proactive submission is one of my biggest turn-ons. That means that you go out of your way to fulfill my will and expand my empire, without me having to lift a finger or micromanage you (as much as I sometimes enjoy that). For instance, if you have kink-friendly Twitter and Instagram accounts (and you should), devote it to sharing my posts, links to my writing and my sites. Another example: My maid has learned my favorite snacks and grocery staples, and he now brings them without me having to remind him. That is sexy and sweet.
  4. Prove Yourself to Me: Consistency is the core of submission. Keep your word to me, and set goals for yourself (I will set more). That could mean buying a certain number of clips each week, making a certain tribute, abstaining from orgasms for a certain number of days, or even just ensuring that you dedicate a particular amount of time each day to edging to my clips and calling me if I am available. Consistent subs are fulfilled subs, and I notice those who are loyal.
  5. Deepen Your Submission to Me: The most beautiful part of the femdom dynamic is how it can grow more intimate and profound over time. I want to push your limits, and I want you to strive harder and harder to please me. As you become more in thrall to me, you can work up the courage to commission a custom clip or book a session. You will find new ways to put my desires and happiness before yours, sacrificing more and more of yourself for me. You will be amazed by how much pleasure you will derive from your service and worship.