7 Tasks to Please your Mistress

People ask me all the time, “How can they please me?” Pleasure, to most individuals is a physical sensation, ignited by touch and fueled by fucking. To me, however—a woman surrounded by inadequate sissies, caged corporate leaders, and otherwise inferior cucks— it’s extremely difficult to experience physical satisfaction from a man whose dick is smaller than mine. Instead, I invite you to attract my attention through these proven tips sure to satisfy me or any Mistress you may have your eyes on…

  1. Tribute Me: Though there are many ways to show your affection, nothing says, “I love you, Goddess” more than a tribute. Tributes give your life meaning—your time spent toiling away in the office will no longer feel like a chore, rather it will become a daily opportunity to worship me, pleasure me, and fall deeper into your obsession with me.
  2. Talk Dirty to Me: I get so horny when I’m alone and nothing makes me happier than getting a call from you on Nitefirt. I’m addicted to phone sex and I love it when fans call me to talk for hours on end. It’s so easy to orgasm when another man is listening, I like to wait for you to call before I start playing with myself—masturbation is so much more fun when we’re together, babe.
  3. Worship my Body: Have you ever thought about the way my pussy tastes after slipping off your favorite pair of panties? What about the way my sheer pantyhose would feel running across the stubble on your beard? When you order used items like my stockings, tights, socks, or lingerie it brings us both closer, allowing you to connect with me by savoring the last remnants of my flavor and aroma.
  4. Spoil Me: Nothing puts a smile on my face like a gift from the Gucci store. Shooting clips, posing for photoshoots, and posting hot NSFW content on all of my social media platforms requires an endless array of seductive outfits. When you purchase an item from my wishlist not only are you supporting me, you’re enabling me to produce the content you love—everyday. Not to mention, I send exclusive thank you selfies to every fan that sends me a gift!
  5. Roleplay with Me: As your Ebony Goddess I demand to know all of your perverse desires—no matter how dirty. Ordering a custom clip allows me to step into your fantasies, making real the things you’ve always wanted, and most importantly, deepen my control over your dick. Which, no matter how long I keep it caged it, always seems to stay erect…
  6. Edge to my Clips: It’s such a turn on knowing that you’re watching me while I film BDSM porn. As I sink my strapon deeper into my prey, all I can think about is you at home, watching my hips fly in my garter belt and hosiery, beating it to the exact rhythm of my thrusts. That’s how I want you to worship me every day baby, by ordering my clips and subscribing to my OnlyFans.
  7. Stroke it over Skype: If I can’t touch you baby, then I need to see you. Booking a Skype or video chat session with me is the best way for us to get closer. If you really want to be owned by me, I need to use you regularly, and the best way for me to tease you is with my pretty smile and fat dick. Boys who book with me everyday are my favorite, so don’t wait, call me and stroke it to me now 😉