A Guide to Dungeons in Los Angeles (Open During Covid-19)

It’s been shocking to see dungeon after dungeon close in response to COVID-19. The Parthenon, legendary stomping ground for industry giants like Ariana Chevalier, Cybill Troy, and Goddess Tangent, recently announced its closure via Twitter last week. Casting another haunting reminder of the effect of COVID-19 on sex workers, BDSM play spaces, and the femdom industry as a whole. For those who choose to continue doing incall sessions, shooting content at external locations, or simply want alone time with their sub or lover, finding dungeons to accommodate has become exceedingly difficult. In Los Angeles, several dungeons have slowed operation or shut down completely, locking their doors after months of inactivity and government-mandated closures. So where is the local LA resident still able to get their neighborhood kink fix? Here’s a list of the few dungeons in Los Angeles still publicly available for sessions, filming, or overnight stays during COVID-19:

Ivy Manor//Domme Collective: My number one dungeon of choice, Ivy Manor is a perfectly designed torture garden hidden in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Snuggled in the illustrious Arts District, an LA gem full of trendy restaurants and massive outdoor murals, Ivy Manor is perfect for your next “Dinner and Domination” session… Assuming that restaurants within LA county are open for dine-in, that is. After allowing restaurants to briefly reopen for outdoor dining during the summer, Governor Edwards has announced another forced closure; asking restaurants to close their outdoor patios starting November 25th. Though the neighborhood has changed slightly, Ivy Manor continues to be just as lively and exciting a play space as ever. Highly recommended for latex fetishists, kinksters interested in electro play, and those who enjoy sensory deprivation, Ivy Manor boasts a wide range of fully sanitized toys and equipment. 

Dungeon East: The name might sound familiar to many of you; Dungeon East is one of the most widely advertised and globally renowned play spaces in all of Los Angeles. Home to the world famous “Yes, Mistress” sign, hundreds elite of Dominatrixes have passed through its doors. Unfortunately, Dungeon East’s sister site and flagship play space, Dungeon West, recently closed its doors after decreased booking volumes post COVID-19. Though it’s an unexpected and regrettable loss for many members of LA’s fetish community, Dungeon East is still going strong and is now better resourced than ever. You have nothing to be afraid of with regard to COVID-19, BDSM, and personal hygiene; Dungeon East is fully cleaned and sterilized regularly, with heavy duty cleaning supplies made available to its guests for free.

Pink Dungeon: Clip store queen Mistress Veronica Vixen has teamed up with Lady Lila Stern to open their brand new Downtown Los Angeles play space, The Pink Dungeon. The Dungeon has only recently opened its doors, celebrating their grand opening just last month. Though I haven’t had the pleasure of exploring it yet myself, the gorgeous pink lights and minimalist interior design promise tons of fun for any curious kinkster.