Flying First Class to LA during Covid-19

Going through the empty streets of New York felt super weird, no traffic jams, no people on the sidewalk. It was a beautiful, yet terrifying cab trip to the airport. I arrived at the airport and my shock was even greater: the airport was completely deserted.

If you’re anything like me, then you like going off on an adventure every now and then. At what seemed like the most unfortunate time ever, we all started battling against the global pandemic that is Covid-19. I was absolutely terrified of putting myself and those around me in danger. I felt trapped in New York for two months, where each day felt like an eternity, leaving me to dwell in my own fantastical thoughts. It was like there was no end insight. Back in February, I had signed a lease for my brand new loft in Los Angeles. I started growing increasingly worried about this, and the responsibilities I have as a Mistress to all my West Coast slaves. Finally mustering up all my courage, I decided to fly over to the City of Angels in the height of Covid-19.

The airport was barren and completely devoid of life. With every single store closed, I ended up wandering the deserted halls alone, waving at the occasional person that would walk past. When it was time to board the plane, I realized there were only fourteen other passengers on the flight.

I always treat myself to first class and felt that it was warranted in times like these. But to put it simply, this was not at all the luxurious experience I had expected. First of all, I hadn’t even been given a towel, let alone a single amenity. While all the attendants were doing the best they could, this was a far cry from the luxurious, first class flight experience I knew and loved. How can a fine lady survive a 5-hours long flight without a single glass of champagne?

The staff had to follow the coronavirus safety protocol, so no getting close to the passengers. All I could get my hands on was some charcuterie and bottled water, which was so distant from the typical luxurious first-class flight experience I’m accustomed to. The second I landed in Los Angeles, I whipped out my phone and informed my slaves that I was in need of pampering.

I’ve found that anything is possible if we put our mind to it, just like traveling during Covid-19. Just because we are going through some uncertain times right now, it doesn’t mean we have to cast aside our dreams or ambitions. We have to realize that this is the new normal. Even though the current moment may not be. Stop focusing on “going back to normal” and instead learn to embrace the situation. We must seize the rare opportunities we come across; don’t be afraid to live a little, checking off those things on your bucket list—kinky or not—as long as you stay safe. Maybe one day I’ll be venturing to a city near you. I’m in Los Angeles now until September 17th, baby. For those looking to help me indulge a little, consider purchasing something extravagant from my wish list, it’s always a great introduction.