Hardcore Hardsports: Part One

Enríque locked eyes with me for a brief moment on a Monday morning at a café in Soho, New York.. He wanted to have breakfast with me… And we eventually did. But the champagne and caviar we would have a few days later wasn’t exactly what he had in mind.

 I had seen Enríque on previous trips, and simply cataloged him away to my prey list. Naturally, being a skilled huntress–and Dominant Nubian Goddess—I’d encountered many delicious and potentially corruptible Latino specimen. But there was something about this bitch. I wanted to break him, not just because I could, but rather because he exuded a hint of machismo that I instinctively want to exploit and crush.

 Tuesday, I felt predatory, tingly, a bit moist and ready to be devoured. I put on my favorite upscale look– a 4 piece Agent Provocateur lingerie set, Christian Louboutins, and tailored Alexander Wang suit. I left the blazer open slightly to provide a gratuitous tease to all of the resident onlookers. Making my way to the elevator, the marble floors were my personal runway.  As I strutted down the glistening floors like a true primal huntress, heads turned to the sound of my echoing heels.  Boyfriends, husbands, and even a few ladies stole a glance at my luxe ‘bitch’ look. ¨Lobby please,¨ the words slithered out my mouth.  

I hit the café early and almost on cue, Enríque made his predictable move, offering to buy me breakfast. I turned to face him while holding a blue “C” note in my hand. I tossed him a purposeful, yet objectifying stare as if to say, ¨My lingerie and shoes alone are $2,000¨. You could almost hear his heartbeat as he waited for my answer, sweat building on his brow for what seemed like hours. ¨Thank you, that would be lovely, ¨ I answered coquettishly. I surprised him with a sincere, thankful touch on his cheek and then I set my trap.  I whispered in his ear ¨Let´s skip the bullshit… pay for the breakfast and find me outside”.

Outside I sat within earshot of a homely looking lady and it just so happened that she was reading Fifty Shades of Gray. Her presence would add a delightful touch of intensity to my plans.

Finally, Enríque approached; I glanced at him sternly and he walked quickly towards me. When I commanded that he “sit”, both he and our unwitting eavesdropper were stunned.  Purposefully speaking at a volume audible to our listener I said, “Let´s talk. No BS. What do you want Enríque?”.  Barely able to speak he sheepishly murmured, “… just to buy you breakfast”.  I retort, explaining what I expect.

“Let me tell you straight – I am a Dominatrix. Do you know what that means? No? Just shut up and listen. Breakfast will cost you $500 for 30 minutes of my time, daily, plus the cost of breakfast. I eat at 7:45.  Two soft-scrambled eggs;  a half-cup of oatmeal with nuts, raisins, and strawberries; a liter of sparkling water; and a side of fresh steamed spinach. You may buy me that exact breakfast daily from now until I check-out.”

“Tomorrow morning, you will tell me what you know about Domination and submission. You will also explain to me why I eat such a rich, fibrous meal, and then you can tell me to what you really want.” Abruptly, I ended our conversation, stood, and exited. The scene was beautiful! He was shocked, paralyzed, and clearly aroused—barely capable of speech . “See you in the morning,” was all I heard behind me.