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How to Train a Celebrity Slave – It wasn’t long after flying back to Los Angeles that I met him. I knew there was something special about him right away—men that can’t afford me are recognizable immediately. Those men balk at my expectations, get defensive when I request a deposit, and resort to the same middle school tactics you would expect from a manchild. Not him. When I told him it was $1000/hour and suggested he start by booking two, he sent me a $3000 dollar deposit and told me he’d like to book an overnight instead. “The night is young, what if we get carried away?,” his voice sounded overly confident, friendly, and suggestive over the phone. Another Dominatrix might have been shocked to see the name on her caller ID, further intimidated by his incessant flirting and suave demeanor. But he had called anyway, unable to hide his nervousness. It didn’t matter who, or how famous he was, I’m the girl he jerks off to and there’s no star power greater than that. 

I figured it was only a matter of time. As I previously discussed in my post, Insights on LA’s Sex Industry, LA is a city that thrives on entertainment. Such that social capital and star power are the most potent form of currency here. When I started getting deeper in the industry—and created a name for myself in femdom—the Hollywood clients just started rolling in. At first it was music execs and entertainment lawyers, folks with a little money to burn and just enough time in their chaotic schedule to hide a 1-hour appointment with a sex worker. They were fun, but it was nothing like him. On the night that we first met he arranged for a vehicle charter me to an undisclosed location. I would have been scared had it not been for the multiple clauses guaranteeing my safety in the Non Disclosure Agreement his assistant asked me to sign earlier. When the armored Range Rover Sentinel arrived at my gate in Downtown LA I knew that this was it; I was a Dominatrix about to train her first celebrity slave.

As a result of the NDA there’s not a lot of information I can disclose—what fetish he enjoyed the most, what flogger did I use, and how many inches could I fit are all questions to be left to the imagination. What I can tell you, however, is how I would encourage those of you who have (or one day aspire to) encounter a “whale” or celebrity submissive…Start with patience, not persistence. Understanding a man’s needs, regardless of his social status or who he may be, is an essential step in controlling his sexual desires. And when you’re dealing with a man as rich and powerful as that, never let him question who’s controlling who.