I Have a Fetish for Ballbusting and Louboutins

While filming one of my most recent pegging clips (“You’re a Slave to My Dick,” for those who are curious), I experienced an intense and sadistic urge that I hadn’t expected to feel. I had only planned to peg my prey that evening, but midway through the shoot, I suddenly found myself smacking and crushing his balls over and over again. I was high with pleasure.Much of my desire came from the shoes I was wearing, I soon realized: elegant patent-leather Louboutin heels in a light nude color. There is a distinct satisfaction to be had in ball busting with Louboutins. Their seductive red bottoms ooze sexual appeal, power, and authority, and so it’s only natural that they should be used to destroy a man’s ego—to hurt him.

Beyond their aesthetic allure, Louboutins also offer certain practical advantages for CBT. Their signature stiletto heel is extremely thin and sturdy, making it easy to stab, jab, and pierce testicles. In addition, the thinnest versions of that heel can be a tool—while being very careful—to sound a slave’s cock. Last but not least, the label’s “Pigalle Follies” style, with the sharp point of its toe, reliably delivers reverberating waves of pain to the nuts when they are kicked, there by enhancing the pleasure of both Mistress and sub in a ballbusting session. I’ve found that luxurious, expensive items like Louboutins have a potent ability to motivate and stimulate submissive behavior in men. But only the most obedient males should have the opportunity to experience that, in my view. They should show they are utterly docile, eager to please, and intent on proving how grateful they are to be used for my amusement.

If you’re curious about exploring this fetish with me, I would be very happy to indulge, as it’s become one of my favorites. A variety of designer heels are available on my wishlist to provide a start for our session, whether in person, by phone, or via video.