Inside my $10,000 Overnight Session in Beverly Hills

Inside my $10,000 Overnight Session in Beverly Hills – It wasn’t what I expected. I’d been in bigger homes, seen more stylish mansions, thrown dick in the observatory of a tech billionaire who wanted a BBC as big as his telescope. Although he still had that famous view, a million twinkling lights overlooking the hills, he didn’t quite fit into the zip code. He was at the foot of the Hollywood Hills, still close enough to Sunset Boulevard to call it Hollywood instead of The Hills. “The hedge fund has me traveling so much I figured, if I get a home in London, New York, and LA, they might as well be reasonable, right? I’m a reasonable guy,” he told himself as he pointed at my unreasonably large black strap-on. I smiled seductively; it’s easy to be nonchalant when looking in someone’s eyes, knowing you’re in control. “Is this the one you’d like, baby? Sure… just tell me how you want to take it.” I don’t usually allow requests like this, I don’t usually ask what a man wants at all, but tonight was different. It was special. A unique, vastly unusual evening chock full of special requests and first time encounters. I obliged if only for the scandal.

When he said he was recently divorced, a piece of information which on second thought was a bit strange to share, I didn’t think he meant as recent as a few hours ago. When I arrived for the outcall, I noticed every picture frame, a plethora of which, downturned or broken. You would have thought it was an earthquake if not for the neatly arranged pattern of the destruction. I questioned him about it immediately, American Psycho being one of my favorite novels I had no intention of being hacksawed by this Midwestern banker. He explained to me that although it wasn’t the messiest divorce, the entire course of their relationship was, and he was relieved to be finally experiencing the pleasures he’d deprived himself of for years. “Is that why you wanted me here, baby? Why you called me over so suddenly? You just couldn’t wait to be used by me, could you?” I whispered slyly, flush with confidence. I loved watching him yield to my temptation. “Yes, Mistress, from the moment I laid eyes on you I knew I had to have you. No matter the price.” I looked back at the black duffle he handed me at the door, the many stacks of twenty dollar bills folded nicely into its discreet carrier, almost as tidy as the broken picture frames. I thought he was talking about the money but on second thought maybe he meant something else. 

In movies, $10,000 looks like a lot of money, especially if its been tendered in cash. In reality it never feels like enough. Tonight was full of special requests, the best of which had been the suggestion of this “pegging game”. He told me he had a fantasy, one which he’d spent all his time and effort planning, one which would pay an additional $1000/hour if I would accept. I obliged…if only for the scandal.  

Part 2 coming soon 😉