Inside my Prada Bag: My Favorite Sex Toys for Nights in Los Angeles

I look in the mirror and my eyes pass over the lithe, flawlessly proportioned figure staring back at me. My outfit is crafted to seduce and destroy, my bag of weaponry is the only thing that’s missing. French manicure fingertips reach for my favorite Prada bag, a brown leather Tambour purchased on Carnaby Street, London. Tonight, in LA, you sit excitedly wondering what manner of tease and torture you will be made to endure, speculating on how depraved and decadent my fantasies will be. You’re in luck, packed inside my Prada bag are my 3 favorite sex toys for nights out in Los Angeles.

Wolford Pantyhose: Despite what you may have thought, strapon doesn’t make it to the top of my sex toy list. Although I do love my BBC dildo, pantyhose—and particularly those from two of my favorite Designers, Fendi and Wolford—has quickly become a new favorite fetish. I’ve never been more aroused than I have been from the feeling of a man’s hands delicately sliding against my Satin Touch 20 Tights. Once, while out clubbing in West Hollywood, I creamed my nylon Fendi tights after my date’s hands shifted too far up my pantyhose on the dance floor. In Los Angeles a Dominatrix may find herself needing to seduce in so many unexpected scenarios; pantyhose, with it’s versatility, decadence, and discretion, is in my opinion the top tool for any Mistress to tease her prey.

Chastity Cage: A close second to my favorite sex toy, the chastity cage is, in my opinion, essential to any Dominatrix’s toolkit. Assuming the submissive you’re playing with has never worn (or isn’t currently wearing) a chastity cage, having this little device is the perfect way to maintain your control and command absolute obedience from your sub. It’s also an excellent way to increase the passion… you’d be surprised how romantic and attentive a man will become once you have his manhood under your possession. After locking up one of my long time Los Angeles slaves, he planned dinner and drinks at Water Grill in Downtown LA. Over five courses I watched you leak while my nails graced the inside of your thigh, shifted over your pantsuit, and traced the bars of your cage all night. That’s the erotic power that a chastity cage can add to your Dominatrix arsenal.

Strap On: Last but not least, one of my ultimate favorite tools of seduction, the strapon. There’s a reason why I’m infamous in Los Angeles for pegging, and it all comes back to my love of femdom and role reversal. Although I’m a very feminine woman, I have a deep urge to express my femininity aggressively—penetrating an eager, submissive man with my strapon allows me to act on these desires pleasurably. Due to the legal limitations centered on strapon and sodomy laws not many LA Prodommes offer strapon or even film pegging content. While I do understand this, and though it is a big risk, learning to use the strapon when playing with the right subs can be so satisfying I would encourage any curious Mistress to give it a try. At the very least, don’t forget to include it in your handbag 😉