Insights on Los Angeles Sex Industry

Before starting as a Dominatrix, I was a sugar baby and subsequently a stripper—dancing in clubs all over the world until COVID-19 wrecked havoc on the (in-person) sex industry last year. I’ve stripped in South Africa, hustled in New York, and defiled European gentleman all across the continent, but no market has ever been quite like Los Angeles’s adult entertainment industry. Truly an anomaly, LA is home to many of the adult entertainment industry’s biggest stars—Rielly Reid, Skin Diamond, and Tommy Pistol all reside here. And it’s not just mainstream porn we’re talking about, as mentioned in my previous blog post, “Los Angeles or NYC: Insights as a Dominatrix”, femdom giants like Mistress An Li, Veronica Vixen, and Mistress Iris all call LA their home as well. Moreover, when one takes into account that LA is home to Hollywood–the epicenter of the global entertainment industry—it’s easy to picture Los Angeles as an excellent place for a sex worker to make money and enhance their career. Well I regret to inform you, while the latter may be true, the former is a toss up at best. 

In LA I’ve mostly worked as a Dominatrix, although early in my career I did try a few strip clubs and went on a handful of sugar daddy dates. Across the board, I’ve noticed that prices tend to be lower in the west coast, in comparison to cities like New York or Miami. There’s also greater police activity and legal supervision of the industry as a whole. In some ways, it’s a good thing—I’ve found the dungeons and BDSM playspaces in LA to be cleaner and more humanely run than those in NYC—but it can definitely hurt a sex worker’s pockets. When I was stripping in New York City top tier VIP rooms cost $2500/hr, mid tier was $1700/hr, and you couldn’t even get a shared room for less than $700. Strippers in LA are lucky to leave the club with any money at all—I’ve had numerous friends and acquaintances describe multiple days in which they go home penniless. The average daily earnings of a stripper in LA are $300, in New York I averaged $900 (and that’s before I was even half the courtesan I am now). 

I’ve also found hiring practices to be a lot more skewed in LA—you might have to invest more into makeup, hair, and enhancements before you can actually start working. In fact, you’ll need to invest more across the board to be successful in LA; I only started experiencing worthwhile clientele when I dove deep, outted myself as a sex worker, and started releasing BDSM porn. The truth is star power and social capital really matters in Los Angeles. Such that if you’re not ready to be a pornstar or aren’t already are one, you may be better off looking somewhere else.