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LA’s Top 2 Hottest Latex Designers – The only thing sexier than a Dominatrix—is a Domme in latex. As you might have seen in my most recent YouTube episode, my closet is full of some of the hottest latex outfits known to man. Though I do recommend ordering a bespoke piece from an experienced latex designer, UK-native and top designer at Yummy Gummy, Beth Parkin, being my favorite, tailor-made may not be the best option for the entry-level latex wearer. And heck, even for heavy rubber fetishists, those who can expect to go through a lot of latex, the hefty prices that come with custom sheeting may not be viable either. For those who are just taking an interest in latex clothing, culture, or kink as well as those seasoned latex aficionados, it is sometimes helpful to find your go-to brand, a tried and true favorite that you can always lean on when wanting to make quality, reliable latex purchases. While there are a few online-only labels that I could recommend, I’d like to take a moment to highlight some of the incredible latex designers local to Los Angeles. For many latex wearers, color and fit are extremely important factors to consider before making the buying decision so being able to shop in person is highly beneficial. If you’re a Mistress, BDSM kinkster, or simply a fan of all things shiny, these are the best LA based latex boutiques to get glossy:

  1. Syren Latex / The Stockroom: I have been to A LOT of sex shops in my life and I can tell you with all honesty, The Stockroom beats most of them. Neatly organized, beautifully arranged and loaded with kind, knowledgeable staff, The Stockroom is a sex shop you’ll want to visit for your first time and will return to continuously afterwards. I sure have, for both toys, equipment, and apparel. The Stockroom is (I believe) the only brick-and-mortar reseller of Syren Latex. This brand has been featured on countless celebrities like Rihanna and Lorde. And there’s a reason, Syren Latex has some of the most timeless designs in the widest array of colors and sizes, all available for online or in store purchase. Considering that The Stockroom stays open until 10pm, even late night latex fetishists can get their fix before playtime. 
  2. Busted Brand: Most recently featured on Tinashe in her “Rascal (Superstar)” video, Busted Brand is super stylish contemporary latex atelier featuring designs so eclectic you could only find them in LA. The best part is that many of the items one might find on the runway or featured on your latest celebrity crush are available for purchase and can be tried on in their Los Angeles showroom. Busted Brand also offers a wide range of nylon playsuits and other fun items latex lovers can use accessorize their everyday indulgence.