My Biggest Turn On Is Pantyhose

For as long as I can remember, I have adored wearing pantyhose, and I have become an avid collector of the most luxurious brands. They perfectly frame and accentuate my long, slender legs, my toned ass, and my elegant feet, and they also make me feel powerful and in control.

I am always amused by how many men have a fetish for hosiery, especially pantyhose. When I am wearing, say, a leather miniskirt, or even a long dress that provides a glimpse of my legs, I regularly catch men staring. I know that quite a few would like to have the opportunity to kneel before me and worship my pantyhose, but that is a privilege reserved for a very few.

In sessions, I love to tease subs with my nylon-clad legs, torturing them with their fetish as they are tied with ropes or in bondage with cuffs and chains. Pantyhose are particularly wonderful because they provide a seductive but potent barrier between my slave and me. I know you want to fuck me, to taste me, and to feel me, but that will never happen. Instead, if you are obedient, you might be allowed to feel my pantyhose against your body, your face, or your locked cock.

Out to dinner with a pantyhose-obsessed slave, I sometimes cannot resist slipping a foot out of my stilettos and rubbing against their crotch, watching as they squirm (and drip into the panties I have them wearing). With a domestic servant or a cuckold, I occasionally reward them with the pleasure of putting my pantyhose on me before a date and then letting them kiss my toes. While I am out, it makes me so hot to know that they are sitting at home, thinking about the silky nylons wrapped around me as they complete chores and stay chaste like a good boy.

I also enjoy forcing a man to wear pantyhose under his clothes, a practice that serves many delightful purposes. The discomfort reminds him of me constantly (and of his place beneath me), it keeps him on edge of being discovered as the pathetic little sub he is, and if he is in chastity, it holds his cage nicely in place, I have found. It typically requires that he use the restroom while sitting down and provides an important education in what it is like for women to wear them. Finally, whether under a suit or a pair of jeans, they help mold his body into a more pleasing and attractive form. (I prefer a thick control top for my subs.)

Because pantyhose are so dear to me, I have recorded quite a few video clips with them—wearing them to smother a slave, granting another a few precious moments to worship them (while he stayed denied, of course), and providing JOI. I also offer pantyhose that I have worn so that you can imagine what it is like to be near me, and so that you can grow weaker for me, which is always my goal.