Submissive Male Psychology and the Need for Findom

As your Mistress, my every action aims to instill discipline and proper behavior in you—to show you how pleasing me is your highest pleasure and your greatest reward. Chastity is a major part of that: you come only when I decide you have earned it. (Rarely). Similarly, financial domination is a cornerstone of my training, giving you the opportunity to fulfill my wishes. And since you will be locked constantly, it can become a potent form of gratification. To put it simply, denial—in every sense—is good for you. Financial domination lets you think about me every moment of your day. Whenever you are working, you are working for me. Whenever you are sacrificing, you are sacrificing for me. Using my submissives’ tributes, I buy luxurious lingerie, take relaxing vacations, grow my empire, and spend my time in leisure and luxury. My subs have the joy of seeing me pampered, living like a goddess.

Numerous studies have shown that men have poor self-control, and that they are impulsive about money and sex. So I deprive them of the chance to make bad choices in those areas. They understand that they are much happier having me take greater control of their finances. When traveling together, I reside in first class while they fly coach. (If they have been lucky enough to join me.) While I dine out with friends, they stay home, locked, cooking and cleaning one of my apartments, which are also paid for by devoted submissives. The most fulfilled men, I find, are those that know they should serve a beautiful, powerful woman. If you have learned this, you can tip me via my “Spoil” page in the hope of catching a glimpse of my attention. You can buy items off my wish list as well, and dream of seeing me with those toys, latex, and lingerie. (Perhaps you are a cuckold and would like to think about the men who actually will get to see me with them.) You can also join my OnlyFans to study my methods and bow before me, and binge on clips in the “Store.”

For those looking to deepen their submission, I also offer an online chastity training program, which consists of three video chat sessions a week. Through those chats, I will take ownership of your cock and ass with remote controlled toys and teach you how to properly serve a thoroughly dominant woman like myself. There are many ways to be molded and improved by me. All it takes is the courage to recognize that you belong on your knees, obeying and submitting.