Submissive Sexual Urges Can be Increased with Findom

Submissive Sexual Urges Can be Increased with Findom – At the end of the day, what you really crave is to be controlled. Sure, you’ve learned to enjoy the sharp pain of my whip and the taste of my leather boots. You’ve even dreamt about me behind you—my hand wrapped around your neck and my strapon slowly pushing in and out. Nevertheless, at the root of it all, what you really need is to be owned, to be controlled. That is the driving urge that pushes you into the submissive state you love. I’ve found that findom is the best way to amplify these urges and put you in your place: obedient, pathetic, ready to be controlled.

Financial domination lets you release all autonomy over your life. When you’re at work, you’re working to serve me. After all, my pleasure is the only reward you need. As you spoil me with luxurious clothes, travel, and whatever else my heart desires, you crawl ever more into submission, ever more into my control. It will be easy to lock you in chastity , take ownership over your orgasms, and ration off the brief moments you are allowed to cum. Even easier to seduce you with my sheer, supple pantyhose; using the shine on my nylon encased legs to edge you endlessly. Through findom you will better your orgasms, giving meaning to your lascivious nature, using the urge to cum to instead satisfy me. Maybe, if you’ve proven your worth, you can take my online chastity training program, where in just a few sessions I’ll have your cock in my complete possession—exactly where it belongs. You’ll see how much happier of a person you are when you are no longer in control. With findom you can finally experience true sexual satisfaction.

When I control your cock and your mind what else do you have to offer if not your money? How else can you deepen your submission to me and make known that you’re the devoted slave I’ve come to expect you to be? As I have known from years of experience, a man is at his happiest when he is serving a dominant woman, and spending anything and everything he can to fulfill any desire I might have. And what else would you spend your money on after all? I am your ruler. I am your master and you are my loyal little bitch. What else could you possibly want aside from my satisfaction? You crave to watch me and adore me while I rule over you, dominating you in every aspect of your submissive life. But you know that’s what you want, that’s what you are. Who are you to deny yourself of what your true nature is? And who are you to deny me of a slave? Or of anything, material or otherwise. Go ahead. Give in to your deepest desire. Give in to my control like you’ve always needed.