Tasha’s Top 3 Sexiest Lingerie Designers

I adore luxurious lingerie because it makes me feel strong, beautiful, and in control— like I’m royalty. I’m sure my fellow femmes know the high that I’m describing, which comes from opening an immaculate box and slipping on a new pair of panties, a bra, or a corset. Wearing such items also heightens the uneven power dynamic between my servants and I. I’m clothed in the finest garments; they are simply nude, as a pet should be.

My tastes in lingerie range widely and I want to share a few of my favorite lingerie brands. If you’re also passionate about lingerie, especially if you’re a femme of color, I’d love to hear about your picks.

–Agent Provocateur: Arguably the most well-known designer lingerie brand in the United States, AP offers some styles that can be a bit too traditional for my taste, but I love their elegance and timelessness. I love that they offer something for everyone. They have regular sales, so subscribe to their newsletter to catch them. (The discounts have been particularly generous recently). Most importantly, they have brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S., making it easy to slip in to buy a gift or to spend a decadent afternoon with champagne, trying on new items. They also offer some alluring high-end toys, like gold handcuffs and crystal-tipped whips.

–Bordelle: Bordelle is unquestionably the priciest, most luxe lingerie atelier there is, and their pieces are unique, well-crafted, and boxed to perfection. Intriguingly, many of their offerings are more androgynous, stronger, and less delicate than your typical lingerie proprietor. You will have to deal with occasional sell-outs and backorders, (I’m still waiting on the Navy Blue Kew Collar and Garters), but that is typical for any exacting couture house. Wonderfully, their shipping is superb, and although they’re based in the United Kingdom, purchases will arrive in the U.S. the next day. Their extremely beautiful, outstanding pieces make any femme look like a million dollars.

–Tisja Damen: A small, solo-run atelier based in Amsterdam, Tisja Damen is a rare gem in luxury lingerie. Their designs are laced to perfection and are truly some of the most unique and delicate items I’ve ever seen. Translucent materials like Chantilly lace from France, Leavers lace from Italy, and Swiss embroidery of sheer tulle are excellent for femmes of color because they allow a variety of skin complexions to show through. Although they do not have a broad range of colors (only white, black, and red: you have to love that restraint), their super sexy, soft femme designs speak very clearly and concisely.

Few things make me happier, and to be honest more turned on, than being presented with a box of rare lingerie. (My wish list has some possibilities, and my measurements). It’s a great way to start a session—or just for a fan to show their devotion from afar. And as I mentioned, if you’re also a lingerie collector, particularly if you’re a femme of color, I’d love to be introduced to your finds.