What it’s Like Humiliating Men Outdoors in NYC

We had just finished shooting in Central Park and were on our way down the Westside Highway when he asked me if I ever get embarrassed doing these sorts of things. “Doing what? Leading men around on chains in the streets of New York City?,” I answered with a yawn, “No, I don’t. Do you?” He looked back at me thoughtfully, “Maybe the first time.” He was both my sub and my model that day—you could still see the grass stains on his knees from when he knelt and bowed to kiss my feet. I know it’s crazy, but I never thought about how embarrassing or difficult it would be for other people to assume my position—to stand outside in nothing but your Agent Provocateur panties and lead a masked gentleman around on a collar and leash. Maybe it’s the adrenaline high of being out there, in public, treating a man like the dog I know him to be. Or maybe it just feels so natural to be the one in power, I don’t even notice when other people are looking with disbelief in their eyes. Upon reflection, if I had to explain in one word what it’s like to humiliate men outdoors in NYC… I would say that it feels like “heaven”.

It’s not just the sexual pleasure that I receive from femdom, it’s the deep sense of personal fulfillment I receive from making a man into my yielding bitch that makes it all worthwhile. I say that to highlight that while I do get a myriad of astonished stares while I’m shooting, I’m often too pleased by the situation and the dominance I’m exhibiting over my sub to care. No small feat, when you consider the number and magnitude of stares I get while I’m out in New York. My Dominatrix shenanigans have been broadcasted by Instagram influencer @whatisnewyork and has even capturing the attention of the folks at World Star Hip Hop. And while you may think that the media attention would be the worst, I’ve found average passerbys to be far more uproarious.  Whenever I’m shooting outdoors in NY I can almost guarantee that I’ll be bombarded by onlookers with their phones out, ready to snap a picture of me and my slave. An experience that subs have described to be both embarrassing and exhilarating at the same time. 

Out of the many men I’ve publicly used and objectified, today’s meal was one I had particularly enjoyed. He wasn’t scared to be seen bowing, worshipping at my feet. Although it was extremely degrading crawling on his hands and knees through the dirt in his $2000 suit, the reward of crawling to me was worth the minor discomfort. “When did you first decide to look for a Dominatrix?” I asked with greater interest, still driving through NYC, this time approaching the tunnel. “I’d known I wanted to for a while. I’d even tried dating a few aggressive women during college. It wasn’t until much more recently when I started going to play parties, meeting more people… and then I found you.” I laughed heartily, eyes smiling “And look at you now.”