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Chastity is mandatory for submissive men hoping to serve me. Why? The reasons are simple. A chaste man is a more obedient man. Chastity is a constant reminder for them that my pleasure is paramount, and that their pleasure can only come from me. I use the possibility of release as a tool to mold them into better servants and slaves. To be completely frank, it also just turns me on to know that they are denied and desperate for the opportunity to masturbate.

While mental chastity has its own distinct joys, I prefer a physical cage locked around a sub’s cock. For me, it is the height of BDSM play because it means they are suffering—and pleasing me—every single moment of the day. They have to hide the device under their clothes. They have to clean it carefully. They even have to sit to urinate, like a woman. These experiences reduce a man’s ego and turn him into a well-trained sub. They reprogram him to focus on me.

Metal? Plastic? Silicone? Each type of cage has its pluses and minuses, and I use a variety with those who submit, which means they never get too comfortable in any of them. My go-to shop is Oxy, which has a superb range and ships to wherever I am in the world, building my femdom empire. If you make an account and use the code THETASHABLACK, you will receive $5 off. (Never let anyone tell you I am not a kind Mistress.)

Having their orgasms and erections controlled can be hard for some men, but I believe it provides them many benefits. Since their dick becomes a useless clit, they get experience a femdom pegging, and some even grow to crave anal training. In addition, they learn to take pride in my happiness. I love telling them about all the ways I have cum, with the keys to their cage around my neck, while they were locked away, leaking into panties I like them to wear. They live a pussy-free lifestyle, only allowed sex with their hand, or an object, when I allow it.

I am very strict when it comes to chastity (and all things femdom), so it is wise for men to prepare themselves. A one-week chastity period would be on the very low end of what I typically require, and the removal of the cage does not guarantee an orgasm. I love to tease and deny, and to present subs with painful decisions. Would they rather cum or kiss my feet? Cum or see me in beautiful new lingerie, latex, or pantyhose? I use their kinks to torture them—and improve them.

You can view my videos to see what chaste subs endure for me. They take my sounding wand, are edged mercilessly, and get pounded in the ass. Then they thank me. Are you ready to become my denied, shaved, obedient little bitch? Are you willing to sacrifice your orgasms for days, weeks, or even months for my amusement? Begin readying yourself with cages, and maybe one day I will consider adding you to my stable.