Why I Only Date submissive Men pt 2

Fans always ask me the same two questions– as if either of them are such a mystery. “Does pegging make you cum, Mistress?”; “Do you ever switch?”… Yes, pegging—when sliding and grinding on that most particular part of my body, does make me cum. That being said no, I don’t ever switch, I will never be on bottom, and it’s exactly you disbelievers in my dominance that cause me to be as aggressive and assertive a woman as I am. What might be a better question is, “Why do you only date submissive men, Tasha?”. To which I’d say, “I only date submissive men because I can’t help being a Dominant woman.”

Though I’ve tried vanilla dating, I’m always left ultimately unsatisfied, still wanting and waiting for a submissive man who can understand my deep-seated need for dominance and control in our relationship. As much as I may like an Alpha man, (and I do, regardless of his sexual leanings) I cannot deal with an Alpha ego and find any insistence on male leadership in a relationship completely unbearable. While I will always treat my partner with respect, and love and dote on him in kind, just because you love your dog doesn’t mean you see him as your peer. Men are tools for sexual stimulation, pleasure, and excitement—nothing more, nothing less. This is not to say that I don’t appreciate my mate’s contributions, I value them tremendously. I simply look for a man who knows that in spite of all his bravado and achievements, he will always be my subservient bitch.

A lot of you have inquired about my love life recently, responding to a tweet I posted earlier this month about why I only date submissive men. While I will not disclose any information about who I have or haven’t been seeing, I will share more details about what I’ve been looking for. As you can imagine, my sexual appetite is insatiable and it’s imperative that the man who woos me is able to keep up. While I don’t expect 24/7 BDSM protocol (and I still do enjoy vanilla sex from time to time), I want to be with a man that truly aims to please me. A man who’s always aspired to be in a Female Led Relationship (FLR) and can appreciate the everyday opportunities I’ve given him to please me. Of which, there are many 😉 

More importantly, I chose to date submissive men because they can appreciate who I am, regardless of my job. I just started working as a Dominatrix and I’m a long way from retirement, lol! I absolutely love what I do I hope to continue doing it for as long as I possibly can—submissive men get that and are better able to support me as a sex worker than vanilla men can or have in the past. It’s nice, walking into the dungeon and knowing your man is in his leather hood, head bowed, willing to do anything to support you. That’s the kind of relationship all Dominatrixes dream about—one where your man authentically tries to please you.