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Why I Only Date Submissive Men

There is nothing sexier to me than a man who is intent on obeying, serving, and worshiping me. When I see a man, particularly one with all the robustness and sex appeal of your typical executive professional, yield to my desires I’m both deeply enamored and instantly aroused. Although I was introduced to BDSM by my polyamorous ex-girlfriend in high school, it wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles for undergrad that I met my first submissive boyfriend. Attracted to my natural dominance he introduced me to the lifestyle and many of the forms of play (pegging, facesitting, CBT, pantyhose worship) I still enjoy to this day. Although I’ve been happy with lesbians, vanilla cis-men, and the like; since then, I have only dated submissive men.

As a beautiful and demanding (and in-demand) woman, I see absolutely no reason to accept anything less than complete subservience from men. Their job is to listen and learn how to better be useful to me and sacrifice for me, recognizing that, while I may allow them to voice their opinions from time to time, I always get the last word, and I am always in control, whether in the bedroom or out on a date. My favorite men are used to being in charge and getting their way in their work life but ready yield and be my little bitch in the privacy of our relationship. At a restaurant, everyone watching you pull out my chair will think you are simply a doting, chivalrous partner; only we will know that you have a metal chastity device locked on your cock and that when we get back to my place, you will disrobe, kneel, and beg to be fucked by me.

I love that, in a D/s relationship, even the most mundane moments can be sexy and powerful. I get wet thinking about you sitting in meetings wearing the panties I ordered you to wear for me. And I  make myself come while you quietly kiss my toes, knowing that you may never be allowed to fuck me. If you are very lucky and well-behaved, you may get to watch me come, or even lick my fingers when I’m done. This kind of relationship is all-consuming, and it gets deeper and more intense with time.

Pleasing me takes dedication and training. One way to begin is to view my videos, studying my desires, my protocols, and my methods. You should also purchase items from my wish list, dedicating your time and labor to my leisure. If you think you have what it takes to be my slave, I look forward to seeing you prove yourself for me. If you’re interested in learning more about the dominant female (femdom) lifestyle feel free to reach out to me about mentorship and business consultations.